Markus Wischenbart Shares his Thoughts on Tourism and New Cabarete Project

As the President of Lifestyle Holidays, Markus Wischenbart gets ready to unveil the new Imperial Suites and Presidential Suites in Cabarete comes the news regarding the impact that public-private investment has had in recent years in the province of Puerto Plata has been favorable enough to help consolidate this destination as one of the main tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic.

New rooms, hotel complexes that integrate the ecological with the all-inclusive, an amphitheater that welcomes artists of international stature, as well as the terminal ‘Amber Cove’, of the Bay of Maimon, have contributed to the revitalization of the city.

The growth of Puerto Plata is evidenced by the arrival of foreign visitors who only by air its airport captured 9.1% of the total arrival of passengers, with the arrival of 310,880 tourists, according to statistical data of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BC).

President of LHVC Markus Wischenbart commented “it is with developments such as Villa Park and the new Imperial Suites and Presidential Suites by Lifestyles that keeps tourists coming back again and again, we always try and offer variety and new and exciting areas to our members and guests alike, we are never complacent and always evolving”, Mr. Wischenbart along with wife Anja have been instrumental in bringing tourism alive in the north coast so it is fitting that Mr. Wischenbart’s newest project would be an extension of the north coast domination he has by moving up to Cabarete, the town a long time surfers paradise is receiving an increase in tourism as lifestyle members are expected to flock to the town to stay in LHVC’s newest suites.

Notes Mr. Wischenbart in an interview “The occupation for us is very pleasing, we maintain a very good occupancy level including in the low season, we are continually renovating our pool areas and properties in line with the demand of our guests, couple this with the resurgence and investment in Puerto Plata of late and you can see the infrastructure of the city has been greatly improved and a lot of private investment has been implemented” Mr Wischenbart’s final comments were praising the investment and continuance of the work done by the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) “in the correct line, so that growth is continuous and prosperous.”

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