Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Reviews Show what ‘Destination Paradise’ Offers Couples

lifestyle holidays vacation club reviews

The time, effort, logistics and financial considerations that go into making a wedding happen are hard to play down. Couples can spend months — and even years — crafting their perfect day and this is occasionally done with the assistance of a for-hire wedding planner. Understandably, there are people who don’t have the free time — or finances — required to intricately plan every detail of the special day. Thus, those who’ve read Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews have likely breathed a sigh of relief after discovering that this exclusive organization helps make magical wedding days a reality.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club (LHVC) has painstakingly planned for every accommodation that those about to be married would want. This includes the atmosphere, food menus, day-of services and various other accommodations that account for almost anything else the couple and guests could want. This is accomplished by wedding coordinators who are on staff and capable of crafting a wedding that’s both personalized and filled with unique touches.

Below, we will highlight some positive Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews from those who’ve used the “Destination Paradise” wedding planning service:

First-rate Delivery: In a review from LHVC member Patricia Douglas, she says her Destination Paradise wedding to Gareth proved to be a “truly wonderful day where everything was just simply breathtaking.” Moreover, the reception team “were all first rate in delivering everything to all our guests and always with a smile.” We highlight this testimonial out of the many Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews because it shows that staff cater to both the couple and guests whose expectations are always high.

Simple, casual and elegant: Not everyone wants – or needs – a wedding that costs tens of thousands of dollars and sees dozens of distant relatives flying in for a few days. Destination Paradise is able to offer a ceremony that still has all the hallmarks of a fairytale wedding while minimizing the stress of pulling it off. One recent review lauds a wedding ceremony that was “simple and casual yet still very elegant and beautiful!” What’s more, the couple notes that their guests “applauded” LHVC staff for the dinner, table settings, decorations and more.

One worth talking about: Working with LHVC and Destination Paradise doesn’t mean you relinquish control of what’s arguably the most memorable day of your life. Katherine Santana, who left one of many Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club reviews thanking the wedding program, specifically commented on ease of coordination. This left guests with a positive impression, she says, adding that people were “talking about it at work” and saying “how beautiful the wedding turned out, how delicious the food tasted and how much fun they had. We are very pleased with everything.”