Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Discusses New COVID-19 Measures and Club Re-Opening

lifestyle holidays vacation club

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is proud to announce the reopening of their Dominican Republic resort locations this Spring season. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has remained committed to its guests’ safety and has developed new COVID-19 safety measures in preparation for their international visitors’ return this season. From housekeeping services to food preparation, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has developed COVID-19 safety measures for both staff and guests that meet both CDC and WHO recommendations. Below, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club will discuss some of the many precautions developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safety Procedures From Housekeeping Staff

Safety and the peace-of-mind of our guests is the top priority for Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club and our staff. For this reason, we have developed new room cleaning safety procedures so our housekeeping services can continue without risk to staff or guests. Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Lifestyle Holiday housekeeping staff have been required to use fogging nebulizers for room sanitization, PPE equipment while cleaning guest rooms, and are required to complete daily temperature checks for club safety. All staff members are required to use masks while on club property and adhere to all operational and administrative protocols.

New COVID-19 Measures for Dining Experiences

In order to safely accommodate all Lifestyle Holiday dining guests, our club has undertaken new safety measures in regards to both food preparation and dining seating.  Within all F&B outlets, member capacity has been lowered, and seating arrangements have been changed in accordance with social distancing recommendations. Additionally, all food staff are now required to use PPE and fogging nebulizers in order to sanitize food preparation areas. Finally, all food areas now utilize QR codes for paperless menus and have been outfitted with sanitization stations for guests.

Doctor and Pharmacy Access

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is committed to providing medical excellence for all our guests. The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club understands the importance of medical care access while traveling and hopes to provide our guests with the assurance that their health is a top priority. For this reason, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club provides 24/7 medical assistance on-site from Grupo Rescue, the largest private health group in the Dominican Republic.

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