Markus Wischenbart’s Intimate Vienna Wedding A Precursor To Large Celebration

It would seem unlikely that two globe-trotting CEOs — who both own companies with “Lifestyle” in the name — would ever cross paths much less get married. Never say never, because Markus Wischenbart recently wed Mrs. Irena Markovic-Wischenbart at an intimate ceremony in Vienna, Austria.

Austria was determined as the perfect venue for a myriad of reasons, which includes its sheer beauty. Austria provides draw-dropping backgrounds for any wedding with 19th-century architecture, romantic winding streets, and plenty of green spaces. Vienna is the 7th largest city in Europe and everything about the city is big and stylish. As the couple loves architecture, heritage and culture, there was no better location to gather their families to recite their nuptials.

Markus Wischenbart is owner and president of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club (LHVC) and Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resorts (LHVR); Irena Markovic-Wischenbart has been the owner and CEO of Lifestyle Properties, a real estate company, for the past decade. The fact that both their brands shared a key word was a happy coincidence and came as a great surprise to the two. The success that the couple has seen respectively in their separate ventures is something that’s also likely to continue in the years to come.

The wedding itself saw close friends and family of both the bride and groom travel to Austria to celebrate with Markus Wischenbart and Irena Markovic-Wischenbart. While this ceremony was fitting and appreciated by those in attendance, there’s another celebration on the horizon. The couple is already planning a larger and much more lavish event in 2019 to be held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia where Markovic-Wischenbart hails from.

While this wedding is bound to be the defining moment of 2019 for the two, their careers provide plenty of excitement, too. Markus Wischenbart is not only a world–traveler who frequently heads to Austria, Germany and other European countries, he’s learned from those experiences and parlayed them into offerings at his vacation resorts.  For example, someone staying at a Lifestyle resort in the Dominican Republic can go snorkeling, scuba-diving, horseback riding, hiking and so much more. Add to this a plethora of bars, beaches and restaurants and it’s no surprise that LHVC and LHVR are so popular among those looking for crystal-clear oceans to escape to. Irena Markovic-Wischenbart’s career has been quite eventful, too. In the real estate sector for the past decade, she’s also earned awards as an event-planner and her “Scandalous” nightclub event marked eight years in 2018. What’s more, it remains a popular nightlife option and draws huge crowds every month.

Since neither Markus Wischenbart nor Mrs. Markovic-Wischenbart show any signs of slowing down in 2019 and beyond, we’re certain that there will be more milestones to report. These updates should be of interest to those who know the couple personally. However, others who stay at Lifestyle properties or attend monthly “Scandalous” nightclub events should also want to know that the founders are doing well in their personal ventures.

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